​​​​"I LOVE IT! The tracks are really in the pocket & all the songs

         are different but still have Jill's style and signature." ​

Sean Mitchell (drums, synth-bass)

Musically speaking, think soulful vocals & heavy groove meets synth-pop. (Some have said U2 meets Sara Bareilles/Alanis Morissette— works for us!) But best have a listen and hear for yourself.

       On a personal level, we are just two crazy kids with a shared big dream (and by "crazy" we mean we got creative, learned new instruments, and formed a duo. WHAT?!). Together, we encompass a symphony of beautiful things (a mutual love of music, nature, good food and good company amid our long list)— and not so beautiful things (life does have its challenges; we've held many odd jobs along our pursuit)— all of which has brought us to this moment, shaping us and our art along the way. And sure, we've done a ton of cool stuff, professionally speaking, prior to & since the band's inception in 2015 (it's listed here in our "very official bio"), but we're guessing you'd prefer us to keep this short 'n sweet, yes?

       So let's answer the #1 question Echo Drop gets asked: yes, we're married. (Seriously, this is what we get asked most!) Add to that, we've even been dubbed "the ultimate couple friend" — we think it has a nice ring to it. *

Jillian Mitchell (vox, keys)

soulful electropop

echo drop: noun

 \ˈe-(ˌ)kō\  \ˈdräp\

1. voice, 2. drums (drop a beat)

So this is us !   

[Salt-N-Pepa was already taken]


john deaver, vox coach (cher, sara bareilles)